HSC Learn Online

This video highlights the online learning programs of Northern Beaches Christian School, through the work of SCIL (the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning). All students in the school experience a moodle-based virtual learning platform from Kindergarten through to Year 12. The HSC Learn Online program takes that one step further providing the opportunity for students from NBCS - or any other school - to study from a range of senior years’ courses (part of the Higher School Certificate - HSC - in New South Wales) in a distance learning online mode. The same platform has enabled a blended learning approach in all courses, delivered through a moodle-based platform and managed by each teacher. Interestingly, statistics gained over five years of the SCIL HSC Learn Online program, are in line with international trends where class averages of online cohorts are frequently  significantly and consistently higher than the face-to-face equivalent class, often taken by the same teacher.