from 'Settings for Learning…a stimulating delight' - Philip Idle

I have recently had the great pleasure of visiting Northern Beaches Christian School(NBCS) in Terrey Hills, a northern suburb of Sydney. Under the visionary leadership of Stephen Harris, the change management over the last 6 years has seen an incredible transformation take place in the pedagogic, virtual and physical spaces at the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL), the research based organisation playing out its mission at NBCS.  Walking through the school was a refreshing experience full of amazing settings for learning where children of all age groups are engaged, confident with their place and enjoying collaborating with each other.

It’s about integration and opportunity in providing different settings for learning – integration of ubiquitous technology, a myriad of furniture designs focused on various groupings, opportunities for clever design solutions that turn a staircase into a place of creativity, a wall surface into a seamless whiteboard, and a feeling of calm interaction between staff and students. I would challenge everyone with a passion for understanding successful learning environments to visit the school or study the publications or browse the web resources available on this amazing example of a truly 21st century learning environment.

It is wonderful to be stimulated by such a rich experience in visiting Northern Beaches Christian School!

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