Design Challenge

Challenge: how to best use an unexpected space for design and technology classes; a space created when a sport’s hall (BER funded) was raised up a level?

Answer: create a team of thinkers who will inhabit the space and open their thinking to new thoughts - not by visiting other schools, but by visiting converted warehouses, office spaces stripped back to a ‘raw’ feel, a converted printery and converted railway yards.

Result: (a work in progress) some really creative thinking that will involve layers of acoustic control; highly flexible transparent space dividers; the ability to create learning spaces via the use of a ceiling-mounted track system; maintain high visibility so that the space does not lose its ‘spaciousness’ - would like to be able to “see” right through the space still; IDEA paint panels used as flexible whiteboards on tracks; saturation mobile technolgies; an interior timber balcony near the windows … and lots of anticipation … stay tuned … “watch this space”!!