When it comes to leading schools

Talk about a comprehensive analysis: conclusions based on an analysis of the behaviour of 30,000 managers, as seen through the eyes of some 300,000 of their peers using 360-degree evaluations. The finding was that bad leadership is defined not so much by any appalling things leaders do as by certain critical things they don’t do.

When it comes to leading schools, those with capacity and position to grow a vibrant learning community should constantly be looking to our own habits and perspectives. This list, published in the Harvard Business Review Blog Network, is pure gold. 

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Recycling whiteboards into new furniture

Love the creativity of the NBCS community! In these photos: recycled whiteboard table by Ben Pridmore for the Design Studio; modular stool & table blocks by Chris Woldhuis for the Production Suite; Global Learning Village ‘Racer’ (3-in-1: chair, desk, locker) - concept by Jordan Keller. If we can unleash creativity, passion, empowerment and ownership within a community, there are no limits!

Want to further ignite entrepreneurial and visionary thinking?

Want to further ignite entrepreneurial and visionary thinking? Join the 2012 SCIL Vision Tour.

SCIL Vision Tours have to be one of the annual highlights to which I most look forward. I love the SCIL Vision Tours because spending in-depth time with like-minded people who are similarly energised by fresh thinking, entrepreneurial mindsets, creativity and spontaneous dialogue, never fails to ignite new professional passion. This year we’ve managed to link up with some outstanding thinkers, as well as journeying to dynamic places and spaces. I love the intersection of minds as a way of sparking fresh vision – and with people from education, business and entrepreneurial backgrounds. This year the focus is once more on some northern European locations, plus the UK. Last year participants described the SCIL Vision Tour as the ‘best professional development’ a leader can undertake.

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What will schools look like in 2025?

I’m often asked what do I believe schools will be like in 2025 … this is my best response. The notion of schooling is evolving. I don’t think they will disappear with the advent of online courses or other methodologies. But I do think they will change quite fundamentally. At the core will be relationship.